Violent Crime Defense Attorney in Marietta, GA

Violent crime arrests can carry very severe penalties, including extensive prison sentences. Without a strong criminal defense attorney there to ensure that your rights and future are well-protected, you run the risk of having years of your life taken away. I offer a skilled and effective defense against all types of violent crime charges such as:

Many of these charges rely on witness testimony and other types of evidence that might be wrong or misinterpreted. For example, eyewitness identification, especially from a police lineup, has been shown to have a significant possibility of error. Call (404) 369-0048 for a free consultation and review of your case.

I will thoroughly review the evidence against you and find weaknesses that we can use to undermine the prosecution theory, some of which are often formulated quickly at the beginning of a case without proper investigation. Here are some of the possible defenses to violent crimes in Georgia:


In Georgia, self-defense and defense of others have been consolidated into the justification defense. Justification is probably the most common defense used in assault and battery cases. In order to establish justification, an accused must generally show:

  • a threat of unlawful force or harm against them;
  • belief in the necessity of using force must be reasonable;
  • the amount of force used was only that which was necessary to defend himself; however,
  • unlike in many states, Georgia has no duty to retreat.

However, the defense of justification has a number of limitations. Just because you act in self-defense does not mean that you can exceed the amount of force necessary to defend against the attacker.

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