"...Adam will be the first person I turn to."

"I hired Adam to defend my DUI. I thought it was hopeless, but Adam got my case reduced and saved my driver's license. If I ever get into trouble again, which I hope won't happen, Adam will be the first person I turn to." - Jordan H.

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Criminal Defense

As a former prosecutor, I know how to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Call 404-369-0048 for free advice.

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DUI Defense

Act quickly! You have 30 days from arrest to save your license. Call 1-833-Got-A-DUI for a free assessment of your case.

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Drug Possession

Georgia comes down hard on drug crimes. I have years of experience fighting drug cases. Call me at 404-369-0048.

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Former Prosecutor In Your Corner

When you hire me as your criminal defense attorney, you can rest assured that I will use all my resources and connections to get you the best possible outcome for your case. I'm here to help you through what could easily be one of the most stressful situations of your life.

I'm a former prosecutor with an established reputation among judges, prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys for my trial and negotiation skills. I serve a wide range of clientele and value every client relationship greatly. My goal in every criminal defense case, is to get you the best possible outcome. Call and I will provide a straight forward, free assessment of your case. You will walk away from your free consultation knowing exactly what my fees are with no hidden cost.

Free Consultation

Time is not on your side when you're accused of a crime. The longer you wait, the worse your case will get. Call me at 404-369-0048 for a no obligation free consultation and assessment of your case!